1. Upload Starfarer 1:54
  2. The Dark Starfarer 4:10
  3. Highrider (feat. DreamReaper) Starfarer 3:53
  4. Save Yourself (feat. Seersha) Starfarer 4:16
  5. The Fear (feat. Magnavolt) Starfarer 3:14
  6. Back to Sleep Again (feat. King Protea) Starfarer 3:32
  7. Braindance Starfarer 4:22
  8. Deep Space (feat. Stilz) Starfarer 3:49
  9. Andromeda Starfarer 4:26
  10. Pain Switch Starfarer 4:00
  11. Medusa Starfarer 3:46

“Medusa snakes tore from their lairs in the panel and through his suit. They pierced his flesh in synchronization and with such preciseness that it all at once took over him. His suit was down. It could not stop his pain. Starfarer screamed a blood curdling scream as the tubes sunk deeper into his skull. His eyes rolled back heavily into his head. His body convulsed as his mind raced through the corridors of his life. Speedy flashes of vitality and experience darted intensely in his hippocampus like a flip book of iconic posters. His scream couldn’t be heard. But he felt everything and remembered even more…”

These are a collection of memories from his time spent in “The Dark”.

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The Dark

Release Date : October 22, 2021
Format : CD