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Starfarer, hails from the vibrant city of Denver, Colorado, where he has become a notable figure in the electronic music scene. Influenced by his background as a guitarist in multiple metal bands, he ventured into the ethereal realms of retro-futuristic music, driven by the visual and auditory allure of 1980s sci-fi masterpieces. Armed with an arsenal of software synths, he sculpted his distinctive musical style.

His debut album, “Starfarer,” dropped in March 2018, marking not just the birth of an artist, but the genesis of a sonic voyage. Since then, Starfarer’s trajectory has soared, captivating audiences with both his studio releases and dynamic live performances. His stage presence is electrifying, blending spacewave, midtempo, and modern electronic elements into an unforgettable experience.

Along his journey, he has had the honor of sharing the stage with esteemed acts such as Com Truise, The Crystal Method, Magic Sword, Sierra, Droid Bishop, and more.

Proudly embracing his redefined musical identity, Starfarer dubs his genre “SCI-FI EDM,” a fusion that elegantly merges cosmic inspirations with contemporary and futuristic electronic vibes.

Articles & Interviews

🔗Starfarer drops 4th album ‘The Dark’ – NewRetroWave

Space has just gotten colder. Starfarer has returned with a brand new full-length spacesynth effort marked by a clear tonal shift.

🔗Starfarer: To the Synthwave ‘Multiverse’ and Beyond – Metroactive

Memories of 1980s horror and sci-fi soundtracks fired his imagination, inspiring him to take his new project in a radically different direction.

🔗Starfarer: Otherworldly Synthwave Being – The Electroscape

You know Starfarer’s music. You’ve experienced Synth Valley Production Stream Fests. You’ve listened to Synth & Brews Podcast. Meet the man behind the curtain – Miguel  – a father, husband, snythwave producer, metal musician, podcast host, production company head, synthwave community builder, and grower of the scene.


Musically, this album is an absolute listening pleasure and let’s call the overall genre, cinematic & spacey cyberpunk synthwave, which should not be missing in any music library of science fiction & cyberpunk fans.

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