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Miguel Iniguez, known by his stage name Starfarer is an American synthwave musician from California. Miguel has a background as a guitarist in several metal bands. Since 2017, he started making retro futuristic music inspired by 80s sci-fi movies and soundtracks using a variety of software synths in his productions. He released his debut Album Starfarer in March of 2018. His latest album Into the Unknown was released in early 2019. He started playing shows in 2018 and has now performed several live shows.

"An epic space adventure told through catchy synth production. makes you feel nostalgic, as this genre is so good at doing. Favorite track: Out Thrust."palehorse666

“If you listened through this once, thought "that's neat," and moved on - you made a mistake. The more you hear these tracks, the more richness they reveal. Simplicity, subtlety, and attention to detail - wonderful album. Favorite track: Escape Velocity.”Octocomplex

“This is a great selection of synths all compiled into a really nice variety of different vibes. The album as a whole does a good job of maintaining a theme but does not get stale at all. Favorite track: Out Thrust.”Wolfman Muscleford

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